Jerry Trousdale

“Over the course of the last forty-five years, I have spoken at hundreds of conferences and events in more than 35 countries. Most of those venues have required consecutive translation. Recently Bob Makovei was employed by a conference in Hungary to be my translator.

He prepared for the two-day event by reviewing a book I had written and identified the most difficult to translate concepts and gave me options to choose from as to how he could translate them. And his communication flow was just extraordinary. He even managed to transfer the abundant American humor that comes naturally to me into an extraordinary Hungarian response. I may be funnier in his Hungarian than I am in my English…

I heartily recommend Bob Makovei, as one of the best translators-communicators with whom I have ever worked.”

Jerry Trousdale
Director of International Ministry
CityTeam International – Murfreesboro, TN, USA